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The Pomofoes

I found an old cassette in a shoebox. Here is the aftermath.

Click it, with feeling: 
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Late November Sun Through Window

 Just an endmember among the tracings for "Watch the Bubble." Some of those connections might be helpful, but it also seems to fit on its own. And it zooms out a layer from here with its remixing of the two previous posts.

"No Chin" by Johnny B

I've been a bit on the nostalgia tour of late; this came off of an old cassette tape from a shoebox. The date must be sometime around 1988. The place--who knows--some bar in Albuquerque.

4:06 minutes (3.76 MB)

Watch the Bubble

My presentation for Saturday at the Computers and Writing Conference. It's quite a mix of personal, expressive writing pushed through the screen with a hard backing of sound. Not sure what folks will make of it, but I've been in the zone for days composing the thing.

From a Random Mix CD

This is on one of my son's mix CDs left in the car. I like the way the folksy fiddle flow gives way to the drum and bass and then it all flows together. The video also tells a nice story.

The Leanover

I'm not sure how best to describe the vocalizing of Sue Tompkins, singer for Life Without Buildings. I guess I'd have to say the words and their performance speak to the melodic side of any debates about whether song lyrics are best understood in terms of the soundscape of a song or for their semantic messages. The lyrics, though have a strange accumulative effect that shows them to be more than melodic placeholders. The weaving of "wassups" into various segments of the song creates a kind of phatic connection for the listener. A connection picked up on with the "contact" punctuations, though I have no idea what is meant by budokan worp.



Difference Engine, the Band

My nephew's old band just got a write up in Wired. Give them a listen on myspace. Also check out Aubrey's more recent work with Skating Club.

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